Tigers News · VOLUNTARY Athletic Conditioning Begins (FALL SPORTS ONLY)-June 29

Hey Tiger Family,

We know a lot has been going on in our world since we left campus in March.  First and foremost we want you to know that we are here for you to see how you are doing and here for you to talk about anything that you are feeling in regards to the events taking place in our area, state, country, & world. 

These workouts are 100% voluntary. 

We will respect any decisions made by our student-athletes and families in regards to these workouts.

Student-athletes we need your help in following all guidelines to ensure a safe return to our activities.

As we set out to begin Phase 1 of our Athletic Opening these are the initial things that MUST happen.

  1. Phase 1 is cardiovascular, yoga, and body weight conditioning only.  There will be no use of shared equipment or balls during Phase 1.
    • Workouts will be conducted in pods of nine (9) student-athletes plus one (1) coach.
    • Campuses are closed Fridays.  No ON CAMPUS Workouts Friday.
  2. Student-athletes may only participate if they have a fully completed and updated athletic packet on file and have also signed the Covid-19 Waiver (links attached below)
    • Due to the closing of school campuses coaches will collect athletic packets that have not been submitted from fall student-athletes THIS YEAR ONLY .
    • You may also e-mail documents to Athletic Director Mark Cowles at cowlesm@martin.k12.fl.us
      • Please make sure ALL sections are completed and signed.
        • If they are not fully completed student-athletes will be sent home until everything is completed.
    • Parking
      • Student-athletes driving themselves must NOT congregate and greet teammates in the parking lot.
      • Please park leaving at least one space in between cars to assist social distancing.
      • Student-athletes being dropped off must be dropped off by the ticket booths nearest the locker room and will be directed to get in a line under the covered corridors of the Bus Loop.  Coaches will guide and provide directives/instructions.
    • EVERY participant MUST have their temperature checked and have a completed/documented questionnaire filled out.
      • Monitoring questions will be asked and documented.
        • We will use the covered walkways of the Bus Loop.  Students will stay in one line and stop at each at each pair of poles (they are approx. 8 feet apart).  There will be two lines of check in with one beginning at the southeast side of the Bus Loop and the second line will begin in front of the Athletic Office.
          • There will be a table at the end of each line for the coaches.
        • If any student-athlete or coach has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher they will have one opportunity to sit in a shaded area to see if the temperature changes on a re-check.
          • If it remains at that level (100.4 degrees) or goes up they must leave immediately and we will contact a parent/guardian to make them aware that they are not to return to conditioning until further notice*
        • If any student-athlete or coach has been exposed to someone that tested positive for Covid-19 they must leave immediately and we will contact a parent/guardian to make them aware that they are not to return to conditioning until further notice*
        • Coaches have or will provide directions on dates and start times for conditioning sessions.
        • Student-athletes and coaches must maintain proper social distancing at all times.
          • In speaking with other County Athletic Directors the biggest issue comes when student-athletes finish a drill and want to line back up as they are so conditioned to get back in line close to one another.  Student-athletes please maintain social distancing at all times.
          • Student-athletes must have masks on as they get out of their vehicles or are dropped off so they can be processed.  Masks are not required during physical activity for student-athletes
          • You will need to provide your own water (please bring more than you think you might need) and sanitizer.
          • Bathrooms and inside facilities will be off limits.

If you have any questions please reach out to your head coaches for information. Thank you and be well.


COVID-19 Waiver